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About us

scanner Is an advanced medical  diagnostic centre in Radiological Imaging.  The centre is providing services in Whole Body Computed Tomography Scanning (CT SCAN) with 2 advanced CT Scan machines, Whole Body Colour Doppler studies i.e. Cardiac as well as Peripheral Vascular Doppler studies, 2D Echocardiography and Whole Body Ultrasonography i.e. Routine Abdominal studies as well as Specialised Small Part Ultrasonography studies since Febuary 1994.  In August 2008 the centre has started providing Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facilities on one of the most advanced Midfield Open MRI system.  The Radiological Diagnostic work is being looked after by Two dedicated Radiologists and Two part time Radiologists who are being magnanimously supported by a galaxy of Superspecialists of varied clinical branches, and Physicians and Surgeons of all branches of medical fraternity. The Consultant Radiologists of this centre have a vast experience of reporting more than 1,00,000 CT Scan investigations, more than 50,000 Ultrasonography investigations, more than 20,000 Peripheral Vascular Doppler investigations, and more than 40,000 Magnetic Resonance Imaging investigations. The Cardiological studies i.e. Cardiac Colour Doppler and 2D Echocardiography is being looked after by Two senior Cardiologists who have done more than 10000 Cardiac studies in this centre alone.
The centre is divided into Two parts / units i.e. one dedicated CT Scan centre with Two separate CT Scan machines including Multislice Spiral CT Scan system and the other part consists of Whole Body MRI and Whole Body Colour Doppler / Ultrasonography system. Both these units are centrally located in Jabalpur City in Civic Centre / Model Road.   The work force of the centre is a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Technical and Administrative team of staff members which works round the clock to provide routine as well as emergency services 24 x 7.  Charak Diagnostic and Research Centre is a Leading Medical Diagnostic Centre of Central India in Radiological Imaging  which is known as the pride of Mahakaushal, Vindhya and Bundelkhand region. 

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